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REA-01 Regularity Event Assistant
The REA-01 is intended for effective assistance in Regularity Events, where the average speed accuracy is of primary importance.
The main indicator is a bi-directional bargraph. To adjust its sensitivity, there are several possible levels for configuration. Furthermore, in order to allow for a larger span, the bargraph (which contains 40 positions, i.e. -20 to +20) has been designed to be nonlinear. The centre (-10 to +10) is linear with a slope according to the “S” parameter, then four times less between in the (-15 -10; +10 +15) range and, finally, sixteen times less between -20 -15 and +15 +20. A second display unit can be added for the co-driver.
The secondary indications, such as Number of Pulses “P”, the TCD “D”, the Obligatory Speed “OS” are provided during the regularity stage run.
The necessary configuration functions are implemented via standard Human Interface Devices (HID) consisting of a numeric USB keyboard and the main display.
The time base uses a 5 ppm TCXO and is in line with the global accuracy goal of some 50-100 ppm.
The information available to the user is updated every tenth of a second.
The unit has its own independent power supply source, providing at least 10 hours of continuous service.

* Works with Terratrip
   T005 & T006 probes

* Up to 10 obligatory
   speeds available

* Obligatory speed
   change at any time

* 2x40 LCD display

* 1 or 2 display units

* Numeric pad

* Internal battery for 
   10 hours service

* Easy calibration

* Can be adapted to
   other probes
Main features